To avoid excessive noise and vibrations, your washing machine must be level with all four feet touching the floor.

Place your level on the washing machine and check both side to side and front to back. For proper operation, all four feet must be in contact with the floor. Your washing machine may appear level even if this isn’t the case. To verify the feet are touching the floor, place your hands on opposite sides of the appliance and attempt to rock it.

If your washing machine rocks, the feet need to be adjusted. Prop up the front of the washing machine about four inches with a wood block or similar object that will support the weight of the washing machine.

Adjust the legs of the washer as needed. Use an open-end adjustable wrench to loosen the jam nuts. Turn to adjust the levelling feet.

When the adjustments have been made recheck for levelness. Ensure all feet touch the floor, the washing machine is stable and level. If your washing machine needs repair, contact a qualified appliance repair technician.